COM Port Monitor

Monitor and analyze COM port activity

Meet new Serial Port Monitor 6 with possibility to monitor several ports in one session, decreased nonpaged memory load and numerous other improvements! If you own a license for ver. 5.x, you can upgrade with 50% OFF!
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serial port monitor - rs232 port monitor

Advanced COM port monitoring

COM Port Monitor displays, logs and analyzes all serial data exchange between serial devices and any application.

This tool is ideal to monitor COM port communication, all data that was sent to and received from COM RS232/422/485 port, all events that were sent to port by an application and the status of these events. Different types of monitored data representation, easy to navigate and customizable interface supplemented with flexible com port configuration and terminal emulation mode make COM Port Monitor the best choice for professional developers.

Eltima Software offers two types of licensing policy: Standard and Professional editions of Serial Port Monitor

serial port monitoring software

With COM Port Monitor you can:

Monitor, track, log and analyze the work of any application or serial device

COM Port Monitor connects to a COM port, opened by any application or hardware and starts monitoring it. From now on, all the data that goes through the monitored com port will show in this monitoring tool. Everything is captured in real-time, so you can track down problems immediately. Moreover, you can redirect all the monitoring data to the defined file or you can copy all recorded data to a clipboard.

monitor several ports

Analyze multiple serial ports

With Serial Port Monitor you can monitor several ports simultaneously, i.e. the software allows you to gather information on the interaction of a few apps with two – or more – ports and devices. This information is recorded in a single log according to first-in-first-out principle, so it is easier to analyze it.

monitor com port

Read captured data in different ways

COM Port Monitor presents data that goes through monitored serial port in four different ways: table view, line view, dump view, terminal view. They all show different amount of information about monitored port and in different way. Choose the one that fits your needs the most, or just use all four of them to gain the full picture of serial communication.

terminal monitored serial port

Emulate data sending to serial device (PRO)

You can send any data to monitored serial port as it was sent on behalf of monitored application using terminal mode feature of COM Port Monitor software. Thus you can follow the reaction of the serial device being monitored on some special commands.

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