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    When trying to build a custom dashboard for a third party Li-Ion Battery Management System based on Texas Instruments BQ76940 and Atmel 8-bit line of microcontrollers, the integrated circuit manufacturer provided a "brief" description of the communication protocol. This description wasn't enough or complete, so analyzing the protocol transmitted while using the manufacturer provided Windows based dashboard was a must.

    Eltima's Serial Port Monitor with the capability of "sniffing" open serial ports on Windows platform was the best tool to do the job. Now I can see in realtime the protocol flow and understand the documentation, saving me a lot of trial and error while programming. I'm very happy of having found this piece of software.
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    ...Surprisingly, this non-intrusive serial monitor tool can even be connected to a COM port already opened by an application to start analyzing the serial port activity. Moreover, the serial port sniffer has a unique functionality of simultaneously monitoring multiple COM ports. There’s also a terminal mode feature so that you can send data in various formats to the monitored serial port as if it was sent on behalf of a monitored application using the serial monitor. Because this is a complete software solution, you don’t need to worry much about any additional hardware.

    I’ve downloaded and tried a vast number of serial port monitors (mostly freeware), but now I opt for the professional edition of Serial Port Monitor by Eltima Software as it’s very convenient to collect and handle serial data. It’s pretty simple and reliable!

    If you’re a serious Arduino lover, you may want to look at prominent third-party terminal programs… Serial Port Monitor obviates that added requirement because it has a dedicated terminal to help you…
    • (4.8), 
    A Better Serial Monitor!…..This software is perfect for when you are developing an application that has a massive amount of information going through the Serial Port. I am currently using it to analyze diagnostic data from one project. Is is great that you can easily save messages for a later use in its own .spm file format…
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