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Serial Port Monitor
Track and analyze the activity of your COM ports

Serial Port Monitor is a feature-rich utility that lets you monitor and record any data going through serial ports of your computer. This dedicated solution will come in handy for development, testing and debugging of your COM-based programs and devices. Serial Protocol Analyzer makes it simple to read, filter and save data generated by applications and hardware connected to your system’s COM interfaces.

Free Serial Port Monitor

With a free Serial Port Logger, you can easily read the incoming serial data from up to 256 real and virtual RS232 ports and save it to a specified text file for later serial packet analysis.
  • Monitor all data received by your local COM ports
  • Read serial data from up to 256 serial ports simultaneously
  • Run Free Serial Data Logger under your virtual machine
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Advanced Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor is a professional solution that makes it possible to sniff data transmitted in and out of a COM port you are testing. This powerful utility can connect to RS232, RS422 and RS485 ports, even if they are already opened by some other apps, and capture data exchanged via these interfaces.
  • Monitor communications with any type of serial software and hardware
  • Record data from any number of COM ports at a time
  • View captured serial data in different formats
  • Work with RS232, RS422, and RS485 communication ports
  • Sniff and decode Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII data
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Advanced Terminal

Download Advanced Serial Port Terminal for absolutely free

This lightweight software application will help you send a wide variety of commands to serial ports, receive their responses and view this data in different formats.
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Serial Port Monitor Integration

Whether you're looking at embedded Serial Port Monitor solution as a part of your product you can consider Serial Port Monitor ActiveX as a component for implementation.
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Free Serial Port Monitor overview

The software is designed to assist you in analyzing communications established between a computer and connected serial equipment.

  • COM port data logging

    COM port data logging

    FREE Serial Port Monitor has a simple interface, so to begin serial logging, you just need to select a serial port, choose where to file serial communication data, define RS232 port's parameters and click "Start".
  • Working in a virtual environment

    Working in a virtual environment

    FREE Serial Port Monitor can be installed and used under virtual machines, like VMware or Hyper-V. Such functionality can be successfully used for testing. Our serial port logger is great for learning purposes, too.
  • Collecting serial data in real time

    Collecting serial data in real time

    When you attach COM-based devices, like scales, meters, barcode scanners, etc. to an RS232 port of your computer, FREE Serial Port Monitor lets you connect to this port and collect data it receives from the serial equipment. With FREE Serial Port Monitor, it's simple to see and learn how serial ports work!

Serial Port Monitor overview

Serial Port Monitor is a highly-functional and friendly utility that works with RS232/RS422/RS485 ports and allows you to save a lot of your time while developing and testing serial applications and hardware. It offers the full set of advanced port monitoring features, including a built-in terminal, unique data filtering options, convenient data viewing modes, session playback capability, and more.

  • Analyzing COM port data

    If a COM port you want to monitor is already opened by a third-party application, Serial Port Analyzer will still be able to connect to it and record its activity. It will capture the port’s data and display it to you. Serial Analyzer software will let you select whether to show serial data in the Table, Line, Dump or Terminal mode. Also, you can enable all available visualizers at a time.
  • Data viewing modes

    With the Table view, you get the data in the form of a table consisting of the recorded IRPs. When you select the Line view, you will see more details about each request passing in and out of a monitored COM port. The Dump view will display all incoming and outgoing data in hexadecimal and string formats as a data dump. In the Terminal mode, the monitoring data will be shown as ASCII characters.
  • Saving data to a file

    All captured data, including serial input/output control codes (IOCTLs) with full details, can be recorded to a selected file. Also, you can save your monitoring session and load it next time you need it. Serial Port Monitor software allows reading serial port data in real time, which means you’ll be able to solve any problem immediately after it occurs.
  • Monitoring of multiple ports

    Serial Port Sniffer lets you test an unlimited number of COM ports within one RS232 monitoring session. Just select “Start session” in the main menu of the app and get the ability to track the communications of any serial program with several devices at a time. All data will be recorded using the first-in, first-out method, which makes it more convenient for analysis.
  • Sending commands via a terminal

    With RS232 monitor software, you can not only log serial traffic but also emulate sending data to a particular serial port as though it were sent from the monitored app. This enables you to easily check how a device connected to this port reacts to specific data.
  • Parsing of Modbus RTU/Modbus ASCII

    The Modbus Sniffer makes it possible to perform monitoring and analysis of Modbus communications. It allows intercepting Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII frames exchanged between Modbus-enabled devices or apps.

Feature list comparison

Check out the main differences in feature packs of free open source and advanced versions

# Options Free Advanced
1 Support for RS232 ports
2 Compatibility with RS422, RS485 ports
3 Reading COM port data and saving it to a file
4 Logging data from any number of serial ports at a time
5 Capturing all data received by a COM port
6 The possibility to add several ports for monitoring in one session
7 Support for all baud rates
8 Search options
9 Filtering of recorded IPRs
10 Availability of several data viewing modes

Our customers love us

4.8 Based on 345 reviews
Our clients worldwide have confirmed that the Serial Port Monitor is an excellent tool for testing purposes. They share their comments and reviews on Capterra, SourceForge, and TrustRadius, and we are delighted to share their thoughts about our software. Recently, the Serial Port Monitor earned the TOP performer badge on SourceForge.
Michael Hebenstreit
SourceForge review
I was already thinking about writing a minimal terminal software with this capability, but then I found Serial Port Monitor works without hassle. I know since X64 Windows this has become difficult - even Microsoft does not support their old Portman software anymore. So count me impressed!
We teach electronic communication courses to our students. Children love this practice and enjoy the lesson. Thanks to the Serial Port Monitor from the Electronic Team, our lessons became more fun.
SPM allowed me to rapidly (within a couple of days) develop and test that driver, which would have taken me 2-3x longer if I'd had to debug the code by hand. SPM has a slick, modern UI and so far has been completely reliable. It just does its thing and works. It's made my development more efficient and allowed me to capture and replay data to simplify testing.
Renan Corrêa de Moura
TrustRadius review
Serial Port Monitor is the best software for monitoring Serial 232 and others. I used it for reading communication with a smart meter. The differential of Eltima is the capacity for sending messages in hex, oct... or any other format.

Frequently asked questions about
Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor displays, logs and analyzes serial communication.
To start a serial monitoring session download and launch Serial Port Monitor. Then click ‘Start monitoring’ to initiate the monitoring session.
Yes, Serial Port Monitor lets you monitor an unlimited number of serial ports at a time. All you need to do is to launch a new instance of the software for every new COM port interface.
Serial Port Tester is a professional software that comes with a slew of powerful features, including advanced filtering and search options, built-in terminal, convenient data visualizers, the ability to record serial communication data to a file.
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Serial Port Monitor
Log and analyze serial port activity
4.8 rank based on 345+ users (Learn more)
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