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Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor

RS232 Sniffer - configure serial port sniffer[Step-by-step guide]

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to start and save a COM port monitoring session using efficient serial port sniffer software.

Reproduce a monitoring session back to the serial port

How to reproduce a monitoring session back to the serial port? The ability to reproduce a data stream of a previous transmission between a serial port and a device or program can help you troubleshoot the issues that may appear.

Analyze several serial monitoring sessions

RS232 Protocol Analyzer is a dedicated solution that allows to compare several sessions and identify problems in a timely manner.

RS232 Monitor Session Vizualizers [Overview]

RS232 Monitoring has several advanced options for displaying captured serial data. Every viewing mode has its own advantages, and now we’ll see how each of the visualizers differs from the other ones.

Serial Port Monitor preferences

Learn more about Serial Port Monitor advanced options for logging COM port data in real time.

Serial Port Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what to do if the data is not displayed, how to monitor several COM ports, etc.
Free Serial Port Monitor

FREE Serial Port Monitor

Free Serial Data Logger overview. RS232 Data Logger interface and usage

Learn how easy log COM port data and record all serial communication data into a text file with Free Serial Data Logger.
Serial Port terminal

Serial Port Terminal

Serial Port Terminal | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers relating to Serial Port Terminal software.

Serial Port Terminal | Command aliases

How to deal with serial port connection problems? With our “Serial Port Troubleshooting Guide,” you will learn about the main characteristics of the RS-232 and find out about the most common serial port errors.

Serial Port Terminal | Send ASCII File

How to send any text file to the remote computer or device over serial port connection?