Advanced Serial Port Terminal
Provide flexible serial data transmission

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is an indispensable component that should be in the software toolkit of every programmer and developer involved with RS232 serial communications.

Advanced Serial Port Terminal provides features not found in basic serial terminal programs. The software allows you to modify port parameters like flow control, parity, baud rate, and stop bits without closing and reopening the interface. Easily switch view modes from terminal to dump mode. All data can be viewed in hexadecimal format and can be saved to a file for further analysis.

If you need to know how to test COM ports, this is an excellent solution!

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Advanced Serial Port Terminal is commercial software with a single license costing $39.95.

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Serial Port Terminal: a full-featured RS232 terminal

This serial communication tool for Windows is essential for testing and debugging serial ports and the devices and programs that interact with them.

Enhanced features make our serial terminal software far superior to the standard Windows Terminal application. This serial port communication software enables serial data transmission in a variety of formats such as ASCII string, octal, hex, and binary.

Advanced Serial Port Terminal allows you to debug and test programs and devices that employ a serial protocol. Analysis is facilitated by redirecting data streams to files for later review.

Complete list of Serial Port Terminal features

  • Change serial port parameters on-the-fly without reopening the interface
  • An unlimited number of serial ports can be open simultaneously
  • Save received data to a file for later use
  • Employ hex format to view sent and received data
  • Use a null-modem cable to connect to remote computers
  • Easily switch view modes from terminal to dump
  • Various formats such as ASCII/ANSI string, binary, octal, and hexadecimal can be used to send data
  • Configuration parameters can be saved
  • Supports the X-modem protocol for file transfers
  • Send ASCII file to remote computers
  • Unlimited connections to virtual and physical serial ports
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Advanced Serial Port Terminal
Provide flexible serial data transmission
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