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How to reproduce a monitoring session back to the serial port

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When developing COM port software or hardware, you may need to check responses of your creations to the same data after you make some changes. The ability to reproduce a data stream of a previous transmission between a serial port and a device or program can help you troubleshoot the issues that may appear.

COM Port Monitor by Electronic Team is capable of replicating data that was sent to a monitored COM port in a previous session.

Here’s what you should do:

1. In the Session menu, select ‘Reproduce session’ and configure the parameters as you need:

Reproduce session
  • Choose a COM port to use in the session.

  • Decide whether to send requests to this port on behalf of a serial app or reproduce the data previously written to the port by a serial device.

  • Select whether to set time intervals between data packets.

  • Specify Read/Write timeouts.
Configure port settings

2. Once done, click ‘Start’.

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