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RS232 Monitoring Session Vizualizers

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When you monitor data traveling through your computer’s serial ports, you can get it shown in different visualizations as long as you use a dedicated COM port analyzer app. With RS232 Monitor software by Electronic Team, you have several advanced options for displaying captured serial data. Depending on your needs, the data can be shown as lines of text, as ASCII characters, recorded IRPs, etc.

Every viewing mode has its own advantages, and now we’ll see how each of the visualizers differs from the other ones.

Session visualizers

Table View

This visualizer makes it possible for you to see sniffed RS232 port data as a table consisting of recorded IPRs.

RS232 Analyzer - Table View

Line View

In this mode, each request received or sent by a monitored COM port will be shown with more details. The data will be displayed as lines of plain text.

RS232 Analyzer - Line View

Dump View

Dump view displays RS232 data in hexadecimal and string formats. In addition, it records the time when an entry is saved, when the port is opened and closed.

RS232 Analyzer - Dump View

Terminal View

Electronic Team’s RS232 Port Monitor also allows you to view all captured data in terminal mode. Working as a text console, this visualizer will show serial data as ASCII characters.

RS232 Port Monitor -Terminal View

Modbus view

It is noteworthy that the Modbus protocol is very widely implemented for sending data over serial lines. And when it comes to RS232 monitoring and sniffing, there’s no better solution than RS232 Analyzer developed by Electronic Team Inc. The utility can work with both Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols. Thanks to the app’s convenient RS232 display feature, you’ll be able to capture, decode and see Modbus messages right in the session monitoring window.

Additional options for efficient RS232
data visualization

If, after selecting data view, you want to resize the monitoring session window where it’s activated, you can either do it manually or enable automatic positioning options:

Automatic positioning options

Also, the software provides you with the ability to temporarily close the activated view and open it again once you need it. To renew your work with a visualizer, simply go to the toolbar and click the icon that corresponds to this view:

Close the activated view and open it

Another efficient option you’ll find in the View menu is called “Export to”. By clicking it, you invoke a file selection dialog where you can choose a log file, a format (HTML, ANSI/UNICODE TXT) to export this file to and destination for saving this file to:

Export option

In order to make your monitoring data available to a third-party application, you just need to redirect the data from your view to a file. After you enable the corresponding option in the View menu, all the data will be saved and automatically updated in the file every time it is updated in Serial Port Monitor.

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