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Frequently asked questions about Serial Port Monitor

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Serial Port Monitor

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Serial Port Monitor by Electronic Team is a highly-functional application designed for professionals who are working with COM ports, serial-based devices, and software. This advanced solution provides a host of powerful features that make it simpler to develop, test and debug hardware and programs communicating over RS232, RS422, and RS485 protocols. Although the software has impressive functionality, it is extremely easy to install and use. In addition to an intuitive user interface, Serial Port Monitor offers built-in terminal, five convenient data visualizers, IRP filters, and many other options.

Can I use Serial Port Monitor as an alternative to standard terminal?

Yes, the terminal you get with the software works like a separate application inside Serial Port Monitor. By using it, you can easily send commands to a required COM port and emulate data exchange between COM port devices and Windows applications of different types.

Also, the integrated serial port terminal allows you to see the data being sent between your computer’s RS232 serial ports and peripherals connected to them, and more.

Can I monitor multiple serial ports simultaneously?

Yes, Serial Port Monitor lets you monitor an unlimited number of serial ports at a time. All you need to do is launch a new instance of the app for every new COM interface.

Is there a command line option for opening the software and starting a specific monitoring session automatically?

In order to start a new monitoring session with a particular data visualizer, execute the following command:

  SerialMonitor.EXE /new   
      [A] [T] [L] [R] [D]


  • “PORT” - the serial port to monitor (COM1, COM4, etc.)
  • “A” monitoring should be started automatically once you press “Enter”
  • “T” - “Table View” should be toggled on
  • “L” - “Line View” should be toggled on
  • “R” - “Terminal View” should be toggled on
  • “D” - “Data View” should be toggled on
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