Serial Port Terminal FAQ

How can I transmit large quantities of data?

There are two options when sending large amounts of serial port communication data. You can use the Send ASCII file feature or set up a command alias that limits you to 1024 characters. When using a command alias you send data in hex format with a #XX sequence with XX defining the hexadecimal value.

How do I set up a command alias with
RS232 Terminal?

To set up a command alias follow these steps:

  1. Select “File” -> “Preferences” from Main Menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Alt” + “P” to open the “Preferences” dialog box.

  2. Enable the “Full mixed mode” option.

  3. Select the “Aliases” tab and the designated COM port from the “Connection” menu.

  4. Enter the chosen character string in the “New alias” text box. This will become the command’s shortcut. Advanced Serial Port Terminal

  5. In the “Commands” field, enter the command for which you are setting up an alias. The command cannot exceed 1024 characters.

  6. Specify a hotkey to be used as a command alias if so desired.

  7. Click the “Add” button to create the alias.

  8. Click the Apply” button so these settings are applied to a new session.

The whole process is demonstrated here.

How can I send and save serial data with
Serial Port Terminal?

Using Advanced Serial Port Terminal you can send files or blocks of data through serial connections or redirect all data received from a serial port to a file. Saved data can be used for monitoring and debugging connections. Data transfer can be enacted between two computers through the use of a null-modem cable.

Sending files is done through the "Send ASCII File" and "Send via X-modem" options which open file selection dialog boxes.

Send ASCII File

Saving data is accomplished with the "Receive ASCII File" and "Receive via X-modem" options which open "save as" dialogs to direct data to a file.

How do I save a stream of Hex numbers to a file?

After launching the application, navigate to the “Terminal” menu -> Receive ASCII File.

Select the text file and then “Hex Dump” or “Hex Dump As Html” in the dialog window to save the file.

You have several options regarding the file format in which the dump will be saved. Select Text File to save the log in plain text format. You can also choose between Hex Dump and Hex HTML which saves the file in hexadecimal notation in a text or HTML file respectively.

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